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Henita R. Schiff, CLTC | Senior Benefit Advisor

Henita R. Schiff has been in the insurance and financial industry for over 20 years, starting her business with a focus on Retirement plans for profit and non-profit organizations. In addition, she focused on educating her clients and the public on the value of having long-term care insurance and the financial protection it provides. Realizing how much she enjoyed teaching, in her words, “empowering people with knowledge to help themselves,” led her to continually offer educational seminars.

While working in the financial industry, she received her certification as a Certified Long-Term Care Consultant. In addition, she received her Certified Patient Navigator from the Harold P. Freeman Institute in New York City in 2010. She wrote proposals for both Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland Medical Center for the Kidney Transplantation departments on the value of having a Patient Navigator for the pre and post-transplant patients and their families. While discovering all the logistics of the hospital world, she was approached to look at doing business on the Medicare side of insurance, and the rest is history.

Realizing that by educating individuals on the in’s and out’s of Medicare when turning 65, she discovered she would be able to assist those with serious health issues.

Henita then became certified to sell Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans and Drug plans. To empower her clients, she continues to provide educational seminars and individual consultations on the best solutions to meet their specific needs and financial situation.

Henita Schiff, Senior Benefit Advisor

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